Through Our Own Trials We Learn How To Uplift Others





A few weeks ago my husband needed a hostess for a class he was teaching to train and certify NRA range safety officers.  He was going to be too busy to see that food got put out for the all day course and that the coffee stayed fresh. I volunteered for the job. My husband teaches a lot of NRA classes in his spare time and this was the first one I had ever been able to sit in on. My kitchen duties didn’t take all my time and I had plenty of time to watch my husband in action.


He did a fantastic job. I could of passed that course with flying colors after he taught the information. It was then I realized that the reason he was so good at teaching the class was because he had taught it so many times he knew the material by heart and had interesting antidotes to go with it.


I thought a lot about that in regards to Christians. Wouldn’t it be nice if Christians flowed in their own “anointing” and didn’t try to flow in one they just were never meant to flow in.


When we try and do something God didn’t call us for it just doesn’t ever work! I teach and counsel hurting women. I write about hurting women. I can do this because I was a hurting woman who finally realized what the problem was and learned one step at a time that God yearned to deliver me from my circumstances and set my feet on solid ground.


The Holy Spirit always energizes me as I flow in my anointing. I am happy and I am content. I believe that it is because I can look back at my life and realize that what satan meant to harm me, God turned around for my good. If I can help one woman come out of the pain and addiction to love and abuse that I suffered then I count it all JOY for the Kingdom of God.


Occasionally people will ask me how to minister to hurting women. If they have to ask it usually means it is not their anointing. Hurting women tell me time after time; “It helps to know that you have been here”


I believe that God has taught me lessons and then wanted me to teach what I have learned. That’s the way God uses most people. It’s the same way with any other skill. After you cook enough you can teach someone else to do it. Fix your own car enough and you can usually know what’s wrong with a friend’s car.


I was once, years ago, interviewed for a management position within the company I was working for. After ten days of interviewing prospective candidates it was narrowed down to two people. It was myself and one other person. I got the job. I later was told that the reason came down to the answer we both gave on a technical question. The first applicant was asked about this technical skill, could he do it? He replied “no”. I couldn’t do it either but I answered it another way “No, I can’t but I will scour the building until I find someone that does, and get them to show me!”


That’s the way the church should re-act. Not with power trips but with a need to truly get the best person available to help the brother or sister struggling in specific area’s. If you have someone in your congregation who is struggling with drug addiction, for instance, then use someone in the congregation who has been drug free and walking close to the Lord in relationship, for sometime, to help the person or lead a group!


My home church in New Mexico operated like that when I lived there! It was one of the most successful churches in the area because our pastor always handed the problem over to the best person in the congregation to lead a group or help others. It was an inner city church with former drug addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts and people who had just gotten out of prison and were totally on fire for and in love with the Lord. I learned so much from that man and his wife and it was such a blessing to sit under their leadership!


I find a lot of times churches seem dead because they have people in ministries within the church simply because they have occupied pews there for years.   The pastor feels obligated to give them the positions of importance. God bless a pastor who delegates responsibilities to people who have a gift or anointing to help others who are hurting in the same way they once hurt and want to give back as God delivered them from so much!


If you are struggling in some area of your life today it might be beneficial to you to look around for a friend who once suffered in that area and has overcome it.  Nothing teaches you better than experience!


If you have learned lessons and God has set your feet on solid ground, look around for someone hurting in that same area. Invite them out for coffee and let them know how God turned your life around and how He and only He is the answer!


For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God