Surrender It All

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20


Before we were saved we pretty much lived for ourselves. We did what pleased us, when it pleased us, with whoever pleased us.


Coming to Christ is a process of dying to self. We die to our flesh, which always led us in the wrong direction, before knowing Christ intimately.


The Word tells us the following in Mark 14:38


Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.


I don't think any of us ever reach perfection in overcoming the flesh without totally surrendering to Christ. Even then, it's a day-to-day walk to overcome the weaknesses we all have.


I was recently talking to a good friend about how hard it was recently to keep from saying something to a woman who said something to me that made me both hurt and  angry. My friend said, "Well, you have always been really good at expressing your feelings." I told her that therein was the problem. I knew exactly what to say to the woman, but God told me not to do it. I just wanted to tell her " a thing or two" and yet, every single time I got ready to pick up that phone, God said, "Don't do it. Leave her to me." I knew that God wanted me to turn the other cheek. Yet, as the scripture above said, the flesh side of me was having a hard time doing it.


Yet, to live in Christ means to live as He lived when he walked the earth. The word tells us time and time again, to resist the devil and he will flee. We are told to turn the other cheek, even when we are in the right and not seek revenge.


So, I kept my mouth shut, and now four days later, I feel so much better. I was so tempted to tell her off and yet, I knew that if I did she would use that as a perfect excuse to continue turning away from God. She has known me for years, and she knew the "old" Cathie, back in the 80's. I have ministered to her many times about Jesus. She can never quite walk away from her lifestyle of partying. She tries but Satan pulls her back. I know that her mean spirit is nothing more then Satan attacking me through her, and yet it still gets frustrating.


Maybe you too have people from your past, and maybe even in your life today, that constantly cause you grief. If you are like me you have probably figured out by now that you are not on the same path with these folks anymore, and you have probably cut them out of your life as much as possible.


It's really hard when we have to be around someone who "knew us when." They may still be living for themselves and to gratify the flesh, and they really don't understand why you don't want to do the things you use to do, or talk like you used to do, and as a matter of fact they find you really boring, and not a lot of fun to be around anymore.


If you are at that point, then you are growing closer to Christ. You can't spend a lot of time in fellowship with Him, and in His Word without becoming like Him. We become like those we spend time with, and more and more each day we are becoming like Him.


There is a sweet "savor" about us. A peace that those in the world don't understand and so they mock it, and they mock us. They may call us a "religious" nut.


We know, that Jesus went through these same things. It's never easy when people treat us badly because of our beliefs. But I tell you this; we secretly intimate these people. They want to know why we aren't upset when they push our buttons like they used to. They don't understand how we can walk away and ignore their unkindness to us. If we keep it up long enough, one of two things will happen. Either they will say to us, "I want what you have," or they will stop coming around us, because when they do they can't stand the convicting power of the Holy Spirit that is on us.


Either way, there is no going back. We have come too far to go back now, as the old gospel song says. Now we live in Christ and He lives in us. The old man/woman is dying more and more each day.


So many times, in dealing with people of the "world" it would be so easy to tell them exactly how we feel about the things they say or do. It would be so easy to get back into the flesh. But what do we gain by doing it?  Sure, maybe for a while the ego feels better, but then we realize we "blew" it, and God wasn't pleased with us. More importantly, the person involved doesn't see anything different in us. We act just like everyone else they know when we strike back. Living in Christ means crucifying the flesh, sometimes daily and sometimes hourly.


When we feel like we are going to "lose it" with someone it's time to sit still and get into deep fellowship with God. We pray, we read scripture and soon the need for revenge passes. We become close to Him, as we know that He too had terrible things said and done to Him. He's the kind of friend who doesn't judge our reactions, because He has "been there."


Today, more then ever, we are going to have a harder time staying in God and out of the flesh then we can even imagine. Therefore, we have to cling closer to Him then ever. Other peoples very salvation may depend on our reactions to their inconsiderate, or just plain mean, treatment of us. 


Today, I feel so good that I was able to let God rule in the situation. It's a good feeling, if only for a minute, to know that "Greater is He that is in me, then He that is in the World." God came in and the old nature of Cathie was crucified by "living in Him."

I just feel as I write this today, some of you are struggling with a similar situation.  I want to urge you, no matter how hard the struggle, to give it to Him. Give up the need to be right, or get in the last word.  I promise you that Christian maturity is when we do the right thing, when it would be far too easy to do the wrong. That is when we truly know that Christ is living in us, and we have vacated the fleshly life for that of the Spirit.


Father, today you know the pressures we are under. You hear the things said and see the things done to us that just aren't fair and not right. Keep us strong in You. We have this human flesh that always wants to get in the way. Help us to relax in the way the Holy Spirit leads us, knowing that in the end the true victory is ours through You. In Your Name, the Name above all Names we pray. Amen and Amen.



For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God