Hold Your Head Up Your Deliverance Is Near

"Saying, Put not your hand on those who have been marked with my holy oil, and do my prophets no wrong." Psalm 105:15 (New English Bible)



Who or what is oppressing you at this time, Beloved? So many times we go through hurtful and oppressive situations and often we cry out to God, "WHY, are you silent? Why do you not move in my behalf?"


I have had an on going situation for several years now. Because this is a publicly available blog I am not going to be able to go into it as much as I would like too. But it doesn't matter. I write for people like me, people who are going through similar situations. I write to pass on the knowledge God has given me in the situation in the hopes that you too might be encouraged in your situation.


There are different types of oppression we are going through. Maybe it's a boss that is hard to deal with and yet you feel as if you can't afford to quit so you go on day to day with knots in your stomach. Maybe its one of your children with drug or alcohol problems that cause drama and upset the peace and serenity of your home. Maybe it's a parent that constantly creates drama. Maybe it's your emotionally or physically abusive spouse. Maybe it's a mentally ill neighbor or co-worker. The list goes on and on, and all of these things are often sent by the evil one to disrupt our peace of mind.


I have prayed and prayed until I am blue in the face and yet the person in question delights in being unreasonable and stiff necked. Thankfully, it's not in my case a family member. But it is someone I must deal with from time to time.


Finally, God began to give me some insight. As God often does He gives us "analogies." Isn't it interesting that He can and does use different biblical references and brings them right home to us and to our personal situation.


God began to take me through Exodus 8-12. In Exodus 8 the Pharaoh refused to let God's people go free. Moses demanded that he do so, but the Pharaoh continued to promise to do so and then turned right around and did nothing. Oh, the Pharaoh would lie and say, "I get it," as he did after the plague of frogs for instance. Frogs were everywhere in the land, the frogs even got into the dough used for bread making. After God would remove the plague de jour Pharaoh went right back to oppressing the people.


The Pharaoh thought it would be too hard for him to free the Hebrews since at that time they provided a much-needed source of labor for maintaining and expanding the Egyptian economy and empire. Often times it's the same with our oppressive situation, and the person(s) oppressing us are getting something out of it. Perhaps we are being used as a source of income for someone, or possibly an emotional scapegoat. The bottom line is they are using the child of God for their own benefit.


As the Pharaoh was they are often times stiff-necked and cruel people, these oppressors, thinking only of themselves.


At this point, as the Israelites continued on, they still believed in God but they had experienced so much oppression they began to lose faith in God's supernatural ability to remove them from the situation. So many Christians, like these Israelites, seem to be at the same spot. They believe still in God, but as time drags on and on they begin to think they will never get their miracle. I get a lot of email from people in oppressive situations that they have no way out of because of finances. Truthfully, I understand that all too well.


But, beloved of the Lord, God has a reason for being slow in our eyes. He gives all oppressive people every chance in the world to change. If there is one thing I have learned about God, in the over 40 plus years in which I have known Him personally, He is long-suffering.


But there comes a day, a time in which God has had it. He reached the point that he had had it with the Egyptians and He tells Moses that Pharaoh is not going to change and He advises Moses to leave Egypt and take the people with him. He advises Moses to tell the Israelites to go to their slave masters and ask for silver and gold for their journey and because they had been faithful workers, to their Egyptians owners, they were given supply from their homes without even being questioned.

This often happens to Christians right before their breakthrough. God will often use the unsaved to help you in ways you can't quite understand. In the natural you would think it would be other Christians, but God has taught me that the wealth of the unbeliever is often turned over to believers.


"When a good man dies, he leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren; but when a sinner dies, his wealth is stored up for the godly." Proverbs 13:22


Suppose our answer did come from our oppressor(s) suddenly?  We would then believe that people are the source of our help, and not God. When God moved the Israelites away from their oppressive situations He did it in such a supernatural way that they knew that it was God that miraculously delivered them.  God parted the Red Sea and not only did they walk through to the other side, He closed the Red Sea in back of them so that when Pharaoh sent his army after them the army was drowned and swept away.


This past week, as God would have it, I heard two different preachers and teachers teach on these passages of scripture. I knew that God was trying to bring this home to me and I advise you that when ever you hear the same message more then once to perk up your ears because God is trying to drive something home to you.


So here is what I think God is saying.. First of all we are not alone, God has seen our situation and He is angry with the person(s) persecuting and using His sons and daughters. God is getting ready to move mightily in the situation and use those whom we would not expect to move us away from our situations and into our "promised land." I also believe that God's anger is going to come against the oppressor(s) in such a mighty way that they, too, will know that there is a God that God is angered when his "anointed" ones are persecuted. Remember the last plague God sent the Egyptians was the worse; it was the death of the "firstborn."  Moses told the Pharaoh that at that time the Egyptians would beg the Israelites to leave.


I see that coming, I see God moving in every believers situation in such a way that the oppressor(s) will know that things befalling them are because of the way they have treated God's beloved children. At that point the door will swing freely open and we will be delivered at last!


Never give up, beloved. I truly believe our deliverance from these oppressive and abusive situations is right at hand!


I urge you to find a quiet spot today to read Exodus 8-12. Let the Word of God get into your spirit and let it flood over you like a calming river. Let God speak to you that He has your situation in His hands and "no weapon formed against you shall prosper." He is going to do something miraculous. Because that is what He does! Quit fretting. Do not give in to anxious thoughts. Stay vigilant and prayerful. Your redemption from this

situation is at hand.


"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." Luke 21:28


Merry Christmas,



For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God