Getting Real With God

Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]. 1 Corinthians 13: 7


Today is Valentines Day. I know that most of you know that.  I know that I could tell you today that the important thing for all of us is that God loves us unconditionally. That gives us comfort to know that no matter what we say, no matter what we do, no matter how badly we mess up, God never stops loving us.


We can put on our "Perfect Christian" faces and say "Yes, that is all that matters today."


But God wants us to get "real"; He can't heal our hearts until we say how we feel without fear of retribution. Some of us learned early in life that if we said how we "really" felt, we suffered the wrath or indignation of someone who had "power" over us. So we slowly learned to stuff our feelings and say what people wanted to hear about how we felt, not how we really felt.


When I sat before God, in His presence, recently, He began to talk to me about the importance of teaching His children about "getting real" with their feelings. So many of us have stuffed our feelings and said the opposite of how we really feel that we have lost touch with what's really going on inside of us.


We may stuff our feelings with drugs, alcohol, relationships or food. Every one of us has our "go to" comfort behavior, if we are honest with God and ourselves.


Today on Valentines Day, how do you really feel? Are you lonely, without a relationship, and feeling a bit sorry for yourself? When those thoughts enter your head do you start to feel guilty? Do you say things like, "I am sorry God, I shouldn't feel sorry for myself!"


What would happen if you said to God, "God, I am broken hearted today, I feel lonely, neglected, taken for granted, ect." You know what I have learned? When I get honest with God about my feelings, then He gives me solutions and prayer answers.. quickly.


True spiritual healing comes when we give up trying to lie to ourselves and to God.


Sometimes it helps to write our feelings down in a healing journal, each day. Our real feelings can be put down in a book that is only between God and us.


When we see how we really feel about things, we can be overcomers! When we give those feelings, not judging them as good or bad, to God, He then gives us supernatural comfort. When we ask Him to turn our lives around, He does that.


When one of your children comes to you and says, "You know what? I am sorry that I acted that way, but I was feeling really hurt," it melts your heart. You throw your arms around them, and you comfort them and you move heaven and earth to find a solution for them. That's the same way God treats us, His beloved children, when we humbly get honest with Him.


Be honest with your feelings today, Beloved of the Lord. Don't dwell in self-pity, instead simply tell God how you are feeling and leave it with Him, knowing He will turn it around for you!


Happy Valentines Day!


In His LOVE, which is unconditional, and never failing,

Pastor Cathie Miller


"To love another person is to see the face of God."
-Les Miserables


© Cathie Miller2011

For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God