Close The Door To The Past and Let God Open The Door To Miracles


Behold, I will do something new,
 Now it will spring forth;
 Will you not be aware of it?
  I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
 Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19


The world we live in has moments of precious experiences. Relationships that made us happy, the birth of a child that made us happy, our dream job, our dream home, our dream car, when we look back on those things they put a big smile on our faces.


However, like the seasons, sooner or later we may find that the very joy we once experienced is no longer in the same form in which it originally was given.  In the Spirit nothing changes. The shell is gone, but the "seed" still remains.


Moving forward into God's plan for our lives is impeded when we hold on to that which has already passed away, instead of clutching the empty shell of what was, we should be scattering the living seed on new paths.


We need to live life to it's fullest each day. If we spend each day in sorrow remembering what was in our past experiences, that we no longer have, we soon find ourselves STUCK. We find ourselves unable to move forward.


I believe that God has wonderful things in store for those who dare to trust Him. Don't look for God in the shadows of the past, He is not there.


Some of you are thinking, "Cathie, you don't know my life. I have lost everything, there is no way God can turn this around." Oh, I know beloved! I wouldn't be here ministering to you today if I had not walked, and in some area's am still walking, the same path.


In the scripture above God promises to make a roadway in the wilderness, AND a river in the desert.

We limit God. We try and give him "human" attributes. Because we don't see a way out, we reason in our suits of flesh, that there isn't one. God is not limited by anything. First we have to believe that God is who He says He is, and that He does what He says He will do. When we get that straight in our minds, we can go on to believe in miracles.


God has not changed. He is still the God that parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could go through; He is still the God that helped David defeat the Giant. God wants to part our Red Sea's of difficulties and He wants to slay the giants in our lives.


In Philippians 3:13 Paul states this:

"I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead."


When I counsel with depressed people, the cause seems to be, universally, that they are struck in the past. Someone has hurt them, they have lost material things, and they are literally "mourning" them. Grieving over things that cannot be changed, means that they don't want to look forward to something new. Like spoiled children we clinch our fists and say, "God, why can't I have "that" back, why would you take it from me?"


I believe God would say, "Because if you trust me, I have something much better in store. I simply ask that you be willing to "Let GO."


We may bind ourselves to the "shell" of what once was, but the seed has left the shell and essentially the shell of the past is useless.


In Luke 9:62 we read the following; Jesus replied, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God."


We must accept things we can't change, and we must realize that it's time to let go and give the past to God. Until we are willing to close the door to the past, God is unable to fully open a door to our future.


I find it exciting to live each day in anticipation of what God will do to in my life. I believe that God exists, and I believe He is my father. In believing that, I realize that He has something planned for me, a way out of the wilderness of my situation.


Today, if you are stuck, close your eyes. Imagine that God put a shell in your hand and that the shell is empty. The shell contained something from your past that you held dear, but now it's empty. Yet every day you are carrying around one or more empty shells.


Picture yourself walking with Jesus and throwing away those empty shells, once and for all! Now Jesus picks you up, and sets you on a new path. The path has seeds of His promises strewn on it! You are free, and excited to see which one of the "new" seeds will bloom in your life and take root! You run down the path, feeling lighter and free at last from the past!!


Father, thank You for all experiences in life, the good and the bad! In bad times we grow the most, and come the closest to you! Help us to accept the good and the bad in life, and help us to let go of things that are empty shells! We look forward today to seeing the "seeds" of new things in our lives and watching them grow into something beautiful! In Your Name, the Name above all names we pray. Amen and Amen.


Beloved, may we all be willing to let go of the past, and walk forward today in Him!


In His Miracle-Working Love,

Pastor Cathie Miller


© Cathie Miller 2011





For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God