Are You Plugged Into The Source?

 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
And the light shined in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:4-5


Last night our lights kept flickering off and on. At one time the electricity to the house was out for a full thirty minutes, then it would flicker out and come back on in short spurts.


Now there was a television show that my daughter and I were looking forward to watching during this time period. It was absolutely frustrating, but the unfortunate thing was there was not one single thing we could do about it.  Try as we may we couldn't get any light from the source.


God began to speak to me that; metaphorically, our walk with Him is exactly the same.


God is the light, He lights the paths before us and shows us which way to go, and which way not to go.


As long as we stay connected to the source, God, we have nothing to fear. God will guide us and when we start to go in a way we should not being going the Holy Spirit will nudge us and softly speak to our hearts, "Don’t go there."


When we are plugged into the source, through prayer, praise and worship we are walking in the Light.


However we often unplug from that source of Light, when we follow our own self-will. Try as we might, when we are not fully surrendered to God, the darkness will prevail and we don't find clear direction.


It always feels a bit unsettling to not be able to turn on the electricity. When we are not fully obeying God we get that same instability in our own lives.


Before we completely lost electricity the lights spent about an hour flickering on and off.


I find that happens to us, as believers, too. We don't fall out of fellowship immediately. We start to flirt a bit with "sin." We may still be a believer in God, but we disobey a little here, and there. We rationalize, "I can handle this, I am still in God's will." Then when we least expect it we find ourselves fully entrenched in our sin, and out of fellowship with God, to the point we wonder if He is there at all.


For me, when I am in a situation that is not God's will, I feel discernment in the Spirit in the form of confusion.


As a spiritual counselor, I operate only in the spiritual realm of counsel. When I try and do something in my own power, simply because I have been asked to do so by a Christian brother or sister, I just don't hear from God and I fail. Why? Because as a spiritual counselor I am only a "vessel." As I have said before I like to think of a "vessel" used by God as a whistle. God picks up the whistle and blows through the whistle at His own discretion. He can also pick up any other whistle at His discretion. I can be replaced and so can you, beloved.


I had a wonderful learning experience recently in working with a doctor who did not understand the moving of the spirit and it's importance in spiritual counseling. This doctor was in tune enough with God, to understand that traditional psychology is not always effective. I appreciated that, as I believe that one day soon we will see spiritual counseling accepted by mainstream mental health professionals. The same was true of Chiropractors. At one time, health insurance would not pay them. As mainstream medical providers begin to see a difference in patients who used Chiropractors insurance companies recognized them, finally.


In order for a person to be successfully Spiritually counseled they must have a "light" turned on that convinces them they need help and they must seek it out themselves.


I use the example, often, of the woman at the well. Jesus was a spiritual counselor and healer. He could have said to the woman at the well the following, "You are a floozy, you have played around with a lot of men, and until you change you won't be any good and you will go straight to hell." Or, like some in mainstream psychology do, he could have kept her coming back to the well to meet him, day after day, year after year, until she finally saw the problem herself and changed.


Jesus did neither. He amazed her by getting to the heart of her problem, and then giving her the solution. He basically told her that she had this gaping hole inside of her that she was trying to fill with men, but if she filled it with the "living water" that he offered her she would never thirst again.


Jesus was also a spiritual healer in the physical realm. Through God's discernment He immediately saw the physical problem and He didn't do an intake, He didn't need to do so.  He was not in "the dark" because the spiritual light surrounding Him, gave his clear discernment, and He immediately healed the individual.


So when, recently, a doctor wanted me to work spiritually with a "client" I was being led by the doctor's wants, not the "Light" of God. In addition the client didn't want the healing, was still in the "dark" and try as "I" could I couldn't reach a conclusion to what was really happening with the woman. I was unplugged from the "Light Source."


The first words spoken by God in Genesis 1:3 were, "Let there be light and there was light."


God's light is a metaphor for creation. The metaphor above associates the Light of God with power and speed.


If we want to see speedy answers to prayers we must be walking fully in the light. Letting the darkness in, even a slight bit, hinders our prayers.


We can look at our lives today, and we can ask God, "Is there any place where I am allowing darkness to keep me from getting my prayer answers?"


Perhaps we aren't speaking to others in love, perhaps we are forming close relationships with those who still like to dapple in things we were delivered from, and perhaps we are letting pride take root.


It may be different for each of us. The answer to shutting out the darkness and living in constant LIGHT of God is to "trust God and obey God."


Father, help us to use Your heavenly flashlight on our lives today. Illuminate to us any area of our lives where we have knowingly or unknowingly let in darkness. Give us the strength, through You, to dispel any known area of darkness operating in our lives. In Your Name, the Name above all names we pray. Amen and Amen.





For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God